Your Coffee Experience

All over the country, Australian’s get their coffee fix with cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes or short blacks… Monjava can be found in many of these cups. It is a fresh, modern coffee, roasted in Australia and is blended to suit the way Australians drink coffee. With over 25 years experience and a strong cafe reputation; cafe quality Monjava coffee is now available through retailers for you to enjoy any time.

The Monjava Difference

Monjava believes that the best coffee taste comes from fresh roasted coffee beans. Fine green beans are imported and roasted after being sourced from the world’s best coffee growing regions. Traditional coffee culture is paired with modern innovation and knowledge of Australian palates to produce a coffee perfect for today.

The Raw Bean Truth

Monjava coffee is sourced raw from locations like Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Kenya. Arabica is the highest quality coffee bean and comes from plants grown in high altitudes with heavy rainfall, producing superior tasting coffee.

From Raw to Roast

Monjava’s master roasters select only the finest green beans to blend and batch roast to produce the premium boutique product that Monjava prides itself on.

A flavour for everybody

Monjava coffee is available in different varieties including medium roast (single crack) and dark roast (double crack).
Roasting colour determines the characteristics of the coffee – nuttiness, richness, mellowness and depth of flavour.