Bring the Monjava difference to your café or restaurant and let your customers enjoy a fresh, modern coffee – roasted in Australia for Australian coffee drinkers. A consistent, quality coffee will bring customers back and generate new business and at Monjava, we aim to provide this consistency and help you grow your business. Along with a range of Coffees, Teas and Chocolate we offer a full range of branded accessories and can train you and your staff in beverage preparation and knowledge.

We offer personalised after sales service to show you how to make the most of your Monjava products. If you would like to know more, please contact us on:
e: info@nievole.com.au
p: (08) 8334 8230
f: (08) 8334 8231

Monjava for your cafe

Servicing and roasting coffee for the Australian Cafe is industry is why Monjava Coffee exists. We look forward to welcoming you on board as a partner of Monjava, where you can not only enjoy our freshly roasted quality coffee, but the guidance, experience, support and training that we provide.

Monjava Coffee is supplied to cafes exclusively through our distribution partner Nievole, who specialise in servicing cafes, restaurants and continental stores, as well as online sales. Nievole Distributors has an extensive top-quality food and beverages products range.

Coffee Range

Mexican Organic Beans

Certified organic beans with an initial sweetness produced by dark roasting, these beans have a slightly nutty finish, medium acidity and a medium to heavy body.

Regal Beans

This is a blend with a full-bodied st rong flavour and excellent aroma. It has just enough dark roast for sweetness and depth to give a well rounded aftertaste. Regal is our most popular blend which appeals to almost all discerning coffee drinkers and is ideal for most brewing methods – Highly recommended.

Monjava Nicaraguan Certified Organic Fair Trade Beans

These Certified Organic Fair Trade beans are double roasted to showcase the mild yet pleasant flavours of this coffee. This makes it suitable for espresso and other similar applications.

Café Filter Coffee Ground

Medium roasted to give a toasty aroma and mild finish this blend is ground specifically for filter equipment.

Roma Beans

A lighter roasted blend with a sweet aroma, this blend produces overtones of a caramel and nutty flavour with a smooth mocha palate. This blend would appeal to drinkers who prefer a milder drink.

Swiss Water Decaf

100% Swiss Water Processed Decaffeinated, this blend originates from Mexico and is dark roasted to produce a sweet rich tasting cup. This coffee has a medium acidity, with slight nutty overtones leaving a smooth clean palate.

Dark Top Beans

A dark roasted coffee with earthy Indonesian characteristics, using mountain and estate grown beans this blend is bold and lively with a rich aroma. For drinkers who like to TASTE the coffee.

Signature Blend

Developed specially for the short black coffee connoisseur. This smooth mellow drinking coffee emulates the true coffee taste of Italy.

Tango Beans

A delicious blend of South American beans, this blend has a rich and heady aroma with a light buttery palate, dark roasted to produce a sweet, smooth cup of coffee.

Additional Ranges and Services


Monjava drinking chocolate uses premium pure Dutch cocoa blended and sweetened to produce a dark and rich chocolate beverage. With 20% cocoa this drinking chocolate is superior in taste, quality and consistency.


Branded Accessories

Items available include:

  • Monjava branded sugar sticks
  • Equal pencil sticks
  • Monjava Branded trays
  • Monjava Branded take away cups, available in three sizes: 8oz, 12oz and 16oz
  • As well as a large range of cafe based accessories



Group Barista training sessions are available; if you are interested please call us on (08) 8334 8230. Training sessions run for 3 hours and comprise an information session followed by hands-on training.